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Video:How to Rein Back

with Katherine Calkins

Find out why it's important for your horse to know how to rein back, and how to teach this valuable skill.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Rein Back

This is Katherine Calkins, instructor and owner at Wicked Good Horsemanship at the J-Six Equestrian Center in Benson, Arizona, here for Today I’m going to show you how to do a rein back.

Why Do a Rein Back?

The reason we want to be able to do a rein back is number one. Is if we get into a tight spot and need to back our horse out of it. Number two, it teaches our horse patience and also gives him a willing personality. And, number three, it helps build up his hind end.

Preparing to Rein Back

When preparing to do a rein back I will start from the halt. I will make contact with the horses mouth and then I will sit down. I want to keep my eyes ahead of me as the horse backs up. And, this will help him stay straight. When the horse is back far enough, I will squeeze him gently with my legs and ask him to move forward. If you’re in a crowded area or if you have other people around you before you back up you want to look behind you to make sure you won’t run into anything or anybody. And then you will again, make contact, keep your eyes ahead, sit down and cue your horse back.

If Your Horse Doesn't Back

If your horse does not back, it is best to teach him to back from the ground first and then have somebody help you by giving the ground cue with someone in the saddle and eventually he will back in the saddle.

When I’m asking the horse to back, the horse should move diagonal pairs of legs. The front left and hind right should move together. And front right and hind left. Thanks for watching. If you wish to learn more, visit us on the web at
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