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Video:How to Lead a Horse

with Katherine Calkins

Knowing how to properly lead a horse will keep you safe and in control. We'll show you how.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Lead a Horse

This is Katherine Calkins, instructor and owner of Wicked Good Horsemanship, at the J-Six Equestrian Center in Benson, Arizona, here for About.com.

How to Lead a Horse

Now that Toughy is saddled and ready to go, we’re going to get ready to lead him out to the area where we’ll be riding. It’s very important to know how to lead a horse correctly because this is a prey animal at the end of a rope. You want to make sure he can’t run in front of you and step on you. But you also want him close at hand so you can see what he’s doing. I’m going to have Katey come in and show us how to properly lead him. We want to make sure he’s not far enough ahead where he could turn and run into us but also, he’s not so far behind us we can’t see what he’s doing.

Look Ahead While Leading Out

We’re going to have Katey come in and untie Toughy so we can lead him out. We’re going to untie what is a quick release knot. You never want to hard tie a horse to a surface because if he falls back you want to be able to release it. She’s going to hold him 8 to 12 inches from the buckle and look ahead as she leads him out.

Keep the Horse Close to You

You want to keep the horses’ throat lashed to your shoulder. You don’t want him to get too far ahead of you where he could turn and step on you, and kind of have a plan. We want a nice confident forward walk. And we want to know where we’re going.

The most important point about leading a horse is that we want to have him moving confidently forward and we want to look where we’re going.

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