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Video:How to Comb a Horse Mane and Tail

with Tina from Kentucky Wildlife

Make sure your pony's tail doesn't look ratty or unkempt. See how to properly care for your horse's mane and tail.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Comb a Horse Mane and Tail

Hi! My name is Tina and I'm from Kentucky Wildlife for Today I'm going to show you the proper way to comb a mane.

Comb the Mane

First thing you want to do is pick up an original mane comb. When you're combing a mane, it is always on the opposite side that you lead the horse, which is on the right side, because if you put it this way, it'll just fall back, so it's always on the right side of the horse. You want to take and pull the hair all the way on this side, and it's just like brushing your own hair. And you'll see some of the hairs will come out too.

How to Pull a Mane

If you come across a mane that has never been pulled, after you get it all combed out with your mane comb, you get it nice and straight. You then grab a few hairs from the bottom, and you pull. And you want to do this all the way across to make it even. It has to be straight and at hands-length. You don't want to use a conditioner that will make it too slick, because if you have to straighten it up you're not going to be able to grab a hold of it because it's going to be real slick and your comb is just going to fall right through.

Comb the Horse Tail

The proper way to comb a horse's tail is to make sure there is no straw or anything in it that will stop you from combing it, and you basically do just like you would the mane, just start combing it out. You'll find that a lot of horses that are out twenty four-seven can get huckleberries, or barbwire or string tied up in their tails and sometimes you have to cut some of the tail in order to get some of it out.

And that is the proper way to take care of a horse's mane. Thanks for visiting. For more information, please log on to
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