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Video:How to Clean and Pick a Horse Hoof

with Tina from Kentucky Wildlife

An important part of keeping your horse healthy is making sure its hooves are clean and debris-free. Learn how to pick a horse hoof safely.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean and Pick a Horse Hoof

Hi! My name is Tina and I'm from Kentucky Wildlife for About.com. Today I'm going to show you the proper way to pick a horses foot.

Tools to Pick a Horse Hoof

This is the tool you use, just an ordinary hoof pick. Some just have a hook on them without the brush, but we find that with the brush it's a lot handier so you can brush away the debris.

Pick the Horse Hoof

You always start on the left side of the horse, and you basically just make them cross. You take the metal part to take out all the debris then you take your brush and you brush it off. Put that one down, and continue with the other one. The main thing when you're picking the hind feet, you have to let the horse know you're coming down to that leg, that way she feels your skin, and that is her cue to pick up that foot.

And you're basically doing the same thing you did in the front. Cleaning all the debris and the rocks and stuff out of the foot. Sometimes you'll come across a horse that doesn't know how to cross, so then you'll do the left front first and just continue to come all the way around the horse.

Hoof Picking Safety

When you're picking the hind feet you will always stay close. If you take a horse that will kick you, the closer you are the less likely you are to get a serious injury. When you exit, go back around the front of the horse never go behind the horse. And that is the proper way to pick a horses feet.

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