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Video:How to Research Facts for Opinion Essays

with Pelpina Trip

Opinion essays should always include facts that support your argument and defend against the counter-side. Watch this how-to video from to learn more about researching facts to write an opinion essay.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Research Facts for Opinion Essays

Hello. I’m Pelpina, here for In this video I’ll explain how you can research facts to support an opinion essay.

Include Facts for Counter-Argument in Your Essay

Say you want to write an opinion essay about the use of cell phones in cars. Before you even start writing, you need to research and explore two sides: find the best arguments for, and arguments against the use of cell phones in cars. In your essay, you first want to state the strongest points of the counter-side on the issue.

Explain Your Opinion with Supporting Facts

Then, it’s time to explain your own point of view.First, you need to find a mix of evidence types that proof your point of view - from studies to expert quotes and statistics. To find good sources, you can go to the library, talk with organizations or professionals, and do research online. It’s useful to make a list of all the viewpoints and reasons supporting your point of view.

Present Facts in Your Essay Logically

Then, select the strongest evidence you have, and present them one by one in a logical order. All arguments should support each other, so with every piece of evidence - you grow your argument. Use linking words and phrases to join the sentences and paragraphs - so it all becomes one flowing argument.

For example, you could write about a study, and then show a table with statistics that support the study findings.

What to Avoid in Opinion Essays

But there are also some things you want to avoid. No matter how strong you feel about the subject, you should avoid using strong emotional language. And You should also never make up evidence… instead, cleary attribute your sources. Your main goal is to effectively share your opinion on an issue.

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