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Video:How to Give a Student Council Campaign Speech

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Running for student council means you'll need to give a speech. This video gives tips for writing a student council speech and how to deliver the address to win the votes of your classmates.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Give a Student Council Campaign Speech

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for, and today we'll discuss how to give a student council campaign speech.

Know the Rules Before You Write Your Speech

Days, weeks or even months before you deliver your campaign speech to your fellow students, you'll want to know the rules. What are the rules for your school's election campaign? Does your speech need to be approved by an advisor or teacher days or weeks before you're allowed to give that speech in front of students?

Perhaps there are rules in regards to the length of the speech, key places where you may or may not deliver it, or what tools you can use. Can you have note cards or paper in front of you? Are you allowed to use a computer, a laptop, PowerPoint, a slide show, or any other technological advances?

Be Prepared

Be prepared. The day of your speech, have you speech typed up or on note cards, exactly how you'll need it in order to deliver it. If you want to memorize your speech, be sure to give yourself enough time to have bullets on a small note card, just in case you get lost when you're up there for delivery.

Your Student Council Speech Should Hit Three Points Right Away

Hit three main points right off the bat: who you are, what you want, and what you're going to do. Who are you? Introduce yourself with your name, your class year and a little information about yourself.

Talk about what you want - what position is it on the student council. Is it the president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, or some other position at your school. And talk about what you're going to do for the audience with the student body sitting in front of you.

Touch On the Issues

Hit on some slogans that you've stressed throughout your campaign, and make them short and sweet and deliver them to your targeted audience. Whether you're running for election or re-election, you need to address exactly why you're qualified for this student council position.

It could be your educational qualification, it could be your outstanding personal qualities about yourself or achievements you've made in high school or outside the school atmosphere that specifically speak to this position and this student council in this term.

Close With One Issue and Your Solution

As you near the end of your speech, you need to leave the students around you feeling like you can get the job done. So present one simple problem or obstacle that the school may be facing, and one simple solution. Keep in mind that student council speeches are generally 1-2 minutes, so you need to keep it brief. And once you've delivered your speech, be ready for the applause!

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