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Video:Differences in Left-Brain and Right-Brain Thinkers

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Left brain and right brain thinkers have different characteristics. Watch this video to learn if you are a dominant left brain or right brain thinker.See Transcript

Transcript:Differences in Left-Brain and Right-Brain Thinkers

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we'll discuss the differences in left brain and right brain thinkers.

Experimentation has shown that two different hemispheres, or sides, of the brain are responsible for two different modes or manners of thinking. And research also shows that we prefer one side or the other. So what's the difference? Let's find out.

Right Brain Characteristics

The right brain is responsible for random, intuitive, holistic, synthesized and subjective thinking. Right brain thinkers tend not to be so detail-oriented. They first apply creativity to problem-solving. Experiments have determined that right brain thinking relies more on intuition - an overall grasp of the problem - before attacking the solution

Left Brain Characteristics

Left-brain thinkers prefer logic, sequential, analytical, rational and objective ways of thinking, and they are detail oriented. They prefer reason over everything else. Research shows that individuals choose left or right brain thinking depending on how they like to attack solutions and solve problems.

Whole Brain Thinkers

And some people consider themselves whole-brain thinkers - they adapt equally to using the left and right side of their thinking capacities.

Learning Personality and Dominant Brain Side

To a great degree, your personality is shaped by your brain type. The dominant side of your brain may control your homework habits, grades and even your study skills. Take that into consideration when you're having trouble with an assignment. Think about whether you're a left-brain or right-brain thinker, and find the solutions to your problems.

Maybe you're an artist. Maybe you're a mathematician. Perhaps you're a social personality or an investigative personality - or perhaps you're just not sure.

You can visit About.com's own Homework Tips site to take a quiz to see if you're a left-brain or right-brain thinker, and get some advice.

Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at About.com.

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