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Video:What Is Samsung Media AllShare?

with Patrick Escobar

Samsung Media AllShare is technology built into many current Samsung devices that allow you to share media between multiple devices. This About.com video will explain how Samsung Media AllShare works.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Samsung Media AllShare?

Hello, my name is Patrick Escobar from Showtime Audio and Video, here for About.com. Today I am going to talk about an overview of Samsung Media AllShare.

How Samsung Media AllShare Works

Media AllShare is a technology adopted by Samsung based on DLNA technology and included in new Samsung "smart" electronic devices such as: TVs, home theaters, Galaxy S phones, Wi-Fi cameras and camcorders, etc. What AllShare basically does is to facilitate content sharing between devices through an existing Wi-Fi compatible network or on one created by these devices. The type of content that can be shared includes but it's not limited to: video, music and pictures. 

Example of Media AllShare

For this demonstration, we'll share this video we took with a Galaxy S2 smart phone. Once you have your video recorded, all you need to do is to go to the home screen and look for the AllShare app. Once in this app, you can share the content stored in your phone with your TV or laptop. This time we'll stream it to our smart TV.

To stream your content to your laptop, you will need the free AllShare PC program. Other options Media AllShare offers is to use your smart phone or tablet as an interface between media sources or as a remote control that will turn your mobile device into the perfect remote control for your smart TV. This is a separate application available for free for compatible devices.

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