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Video:Tips for Choosing Between Plasma, LCD and LED TVs

with Mike Wortman

Plasma, LCD and LED TVs may look vary similar but there is a difference between the three models. In this video, learn some tips for choosing the right television to suit your entertainment needs.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Choosing Between Plasma, LCD and LED TVs

Hi, this is Mike with and this is Tips for Choosing Between Plasma, LCD and LED TVs.

When you walk into an audio store or the electrical department you will notice several display television sets which appear to look very similar in design.

The flat screen television is the latest design of all plasma, LCD and LED television sets. But there is a big difference; the three styles of television all use its own unique technology. This determines whether the picture quality and the definition of the screen are different from the other types. When you go shopping for a new TV set you should to consider these tips for getting the best type of TV to suit your needs.

Plasma Televisions

First, consider if your television has the right amount of energy consumption. Plasma TVs can generate a lot of heat and use considerable amounts of energy.

Secondly, consider the contrast ratio, brightness and color requirements, and if the degree of viewing angle is right for all the family. Many modern televisions, including all LED, LCD and plasma sets come equipped with internet access these days, so ask yourself if the speed requirements are fitting for your online needs.

You will also need to consider size requirements and longevity requirements. Is the television set you choose too big or big enough, for your front room? Perhaps it is going into the bedroom, so you really wouldn't need anything much above a 40-inch screen at the most.

LED and LCD Television Models

Backlit LED models tend to have the best contrast, as do plasma sets. But LED sets that are lit from the side tend to have lower dynamic ratios of contrast. LCD televisions have a faster refresh rate than plasma. When watching a game of soccer or any field sport, it is far better to choose an LCD as the plasma set will 'shudder' as the camera runs down the field at high speed. This is down to the slower refresh rates on the plasma screen. Whether you choose LED, LCD or plasma televisions, consider the color and brightness options. Plasma sets offer a wider range of brightness and color schemes than the LCD or LED sets. If you want to be energy saving efficient, consider the LED set as this will offer lower energy consumption than the LCD, and in particular the energy-eating plasma television. 

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