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Video:Proper Distance for Viewing Different TV Sizes

with Bob Murphy

To enjoy the best viewing experience from your television or home theater, it is important to know how far back to sit to watch sports or movies. Watch this video to figure out the proper viewing distance for your TV.See Transcript

Transcript:Proper Distance for Viewing Different TV Sizes

Hi, I'm Bob Murphy, Branch Manager here at Listen Up in Boulder, Colorado.  I am here today with, and I am going to be talking about proper distance for viewing different TV sizes.

TVs Looks Distorted if Viewing Too Closely

There are a number of issues on how far you want to sit back from your TV. If you get up to close for instance, you are going to see the pixels, you are going to see the artifacts, you are going to see the workings, and that's not what you want to see.

Personal Preference Affects Viewing Distance

Viewing distance for TV has a lot of variables. Variables being how much light in the room , how many people are going to be in the room, how far off-axis you are, verses how straight ahead you are, and then how immersive, or how much you want to be engrossed in the experience. It's somewhat personal preference, but the main thing is you want to feel like you are in the experience for a movie, especially a blockbuster, wide-screen movie, you want to be in it, so you want it to be taking up a lot of your viewing.

Use TV's Width to Determine Proper Distance

The reference that we use when we are talking about proper viewing distances for various TV sizes has to do with a multiplier in the width of the TV. You take the width of the TV and multiply it by 1.2 , you are going to get a very immersive experience. You take the multiplier and multiply it by 3, you are going to be a lot father back from the TV, and that is more appropriate for a well-lit room, like a family room. 

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