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Video:How to Rewire for Free Over-the-Air Digital Broadcast

with JJ Johnson

Learn how to use existing wiring in you home to receive the free digital broadcast signals from your local television stations.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Rewire for Free Over-the-Air Digital Broadcast

Hi. JJ Johnson here to show you how to use your existing TV wiring to access Over the Air High Definition and Digital Television on

Gadgets Needed for Over the Air Wiring

The change to digital television transmission has made it possible to get exceptional television broadcasts for free over the air. All you need is an antenna that receives your local broadcast and a digitally ready standard definition or high definition TV.

Now just because you have a digital TV does not mean that you are watching High Definition. A digital TV can receive and process an HDTV signal, but the picture displayed will be of standard quality, not HD quality.

Converting Old TVs for Over the Air Digital

But what about the old TVs you have in the bedrooms, kitchen or wherever? Well, they will still work – if you have a digital to analog converter box hooked up to it, and a signal from the antenna.

Rewiring for Over the Air Digital

Now here I have satellite dishes for premium channels, and an antenna for the local broadcasts and a house that is wired for cable as well. Well that is a little redundant – so I choose to drop the cable service and re-wire so that all the televisions will now receive over the air digital.

To do that, you need a digital splitter. This is a two way splitter – 1 in, 2 outs. There are 3, 4 and 8 way splitters available. Some with power amplifiers which you may need cause any time the signal is split it weakens.

Cable length is also a consideration. So I am splitting the antennas signal here close to my primary television set. One out goes to the digitally equipped set and the other will connect to the sets that previously received cable only.

Here is where the now defunct cable signal came into this set. I will send the other output down this wire and trace it back to where it was split before when the cable was hooked up.

For a lot of you this will be somewhere on the outside of the house. Lucky you. For me I have to crawl under my house to find it. Here it is. I just switch the in with the out. And this one which is the in from the cable I no longer need.

Check the Over the Air Connection

Now let check the installation. The primary set is working. Hook up the new signal from the antenna to the in on the back of the digital to analog converter. Take the video out or the antenna out and connect it to the in on the TV. Go thru the autoselect setup on the converter.

And voila! That’s it! Be sure to look for more helpful tips on
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