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Video:How to Soundproof a Room

with Zack Heene

Soundproof a room in your house so that you can set up your home theater system without disturbing the neighbors. Here are some tips on how to quickly and easily soundproof a room.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Soundproof a Room

I am Zack Heene for Today I will be showing you how to soundproof a room in your house, from as little as TV noise to as loud as a pounding drum set.

Supplies Needed to Soundproof a Room

Items you will need are:
  • acoustical foam, sold at music stores, hardware stores or online, any shape or size will work
  • Adhesive spray
  • 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch small nails
  • a step stool
  • a hammer
  • measuring tape
  • a marker
  • scissors
  • safety glasses
  • a straight edge
The key to soundproofing is preventing air travel. So if you have any large cracks or obvious holes in the walls, you will want to fill those with spray foam or caulking.

Measure the Area You Will Cover to Soundproof a Room

Now let's figure out which walls you want to soundproof. You can do just one wall and still really cut down the noise or you can cover all the walls and ceiling to maximize the sound insulation.

So use the measuring tape and measure the wall’s height and width. Multiply those two numbers together and you have the area you need to cover. If there is a window or bookshelf on the wall, then you need to measure its height and width and subtract it from the wall area. This is your new area you need to cover.

Attach the Foam to the Walls to Soundproof a Room

So start in a corner of the wall and hold a piece of foam up all the way to the top and against the adjacent wall. If there is something in its way, then we need to mark it. You can see on the top and bottom where you need to make a mark, but the trick for the inside edge is to feel the ridge of the trim. Go ahead and push against the foam and feel the window trim. That's where we make the marks.

Bring the foam down to a flat surface and use your straight edge to make the lines off of your marks. Take the scissors and cut along the lines. Bring the foam sheet back up to the corner you started at. Nail two nails on top and two nails on the bottom of it.

Or if you prefer you can spray adhesive on the back side of the foam and stick it up on the wall. The only problem with that method is that it could damage your walls if you later decide to remove the soundproofing.

Finish Soundproofing a Room By Adding Drapes to Windows

Continue this method all the way down the wall then start the next row on the top and cut any pieces to fit. Before you know it you will be done.

If you want to add some sound guard to your window, you can hang some thermal drapes or extra thick curtains.

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