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Video:How to Connect a Home Theater System

with Christopher Viglone

Setting up your home theater correctly for optimal surround sound and lighting can change the viewing experience completely. Watch this video about setting up your home theater to make movie night and game day even better.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Connect a Home Theater System

Hi I'm James with Audio Concepts for and today we're going to be setting up a home theater system.

Surround Sound Set Up

Ideally when setting up a 5.1 surround system you're gonna want to start with a room that's square. And that enables you to get the correct acoustics and positioning of the speakers.

A 5.1 system has 6 discreet channels of digital audio. It has a left speaker, a right speaker, your center, your left rear, your right rear, and your subwoofer.

Now your subwoofer, that's non-directional sound so that can actually go anywhere within the room.

This is your standard 5.1 surround sound receiver, and you're gonna sue this to hook all your components into and then run a video cable out to your TV.

Connecting the Speakers and Receiver

Depending on your system you're gonna want to use either banana plugs or bare wire to connect your speakers to your receiver.

When hooking up your receiver to the speaker you first take the positive connector go to the positive terminal, and the negative connector to the negative terminal. Now all your speakers will hook up the same way.

When connecting your speakers to the receiver, you're gonna want to make sure you connect the right speakers to the right terminals. For instance this is the center, front, and rears.

Your center speaker connects like so with the positive connector and the negative connector, once again making sure that your polarity is correct.

When hooking up your subwoofer to your receiver, you're gonna most likely use and RCA cable such as this. You're gonna take your RCA connector and plug it into the back of the subwoofer and then take the other end and plug it into the back of the receiver.

Additional Home Theater Components

If you have a blu-ray player you're gonna be using an HDMI cable to connect your blu-ray to your receiver. You're going to take your HDMI cable , plug it into the back of the blu-ray player and then take the other end of the cable and plug it into your receiver.

When hooking your receiver to the TV, you're gonna go the output of the receiver to the input of the TV with the HDMI cable.

Depending on what type of receiver you have you're either gonna use a toggle to switch inputs or discreet buttons, but you can always use your remote to switch inputs.

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