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Video:Tips for Teaching Students to Write

with Nazly Jordan

Teaching young students how to write is essential to academic success. Check out these tips for teaching students to write and other homeschooling techniques.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Teaching Students to Write

Aside from counting writing is the elementary academic skill every child has to master. I am Nazly Jordan for and we are going to talk about how to teach young kids to write the alphabet.

Teach Writing When Student is Ready

Before you start teaching your child or home students how to write the alphabet, check whether they are able to use a pencil. If a child cannot hold a pencil properly or has difficulties to draw simple shapes, then you shouldn't introduce him or her to writing.

Start With Easy Writing Tasks

Some letters of our alphabet are easier to write than others. Most kids usually don't have problems to write the letter I since it resembles a straight line. From there you can add vertical line which creates the letter L. In my experience as a teacher the following progression has worked best: I, L, T, H.

Use Writing Worksheets

Writing letters of the alphabet is a skill that has to be achieved by repetition. So encourage your kids to complete Handwriting Worksheets like the ones guide Beverly Hernandez provides on

Use Writing Apps

Nothing draws a kid more into learning than sounds and colorful graphics. That's why the iPad and other tablet PCs are perfect learning devices. Apps like "Letter Quiz" or "MyABC" make it easy for your kid to learn the different shapes of the letters of the alphabet.

Play Writing Games

Kids learn the fastest when it feels like playing a game. So go ahead and let your little students form the different letter with play-doh. In that way they use many of their senses which can lead to a quicker learning success. Thanks for watching. If you would like to learn more about teaching kids, visit

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