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Video:Teach the State Capitals Using Free Printable Worksheets

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Want to learn how to teach the state capitals to students using free printable worksheets? Here, see tips for teaching capitals using printable worksheets.See Transcript

Transcript:Teach the State Capitals Using Free Printable Worksheets

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we'll discuss teaching state capitals using free, printable worksheets.

Information About Free Printable Worksheets

If you're a homeschool teacher, it's always good to hear the word free when it comes to resources. So why not print some free worksheets when it comes to teaching the state capitals? You could print out a blank map, and a map with the state name and capital. Later, ask your students to fill in the blank map, after they've studied the states and capitals and memorized them.

Teaching the State Capitals Using Free Printable Worksheets

When looking for these free, printable worksheets online, consider sites that are geared towards education and homeschool. You might try abcteach.com, or About.com's homeschooling site. And you don't necessarily need to print worksheets from an education site when teaching the fifty states and their capitals. Why not look at Google's free images? Often you'll find blank maps, or a list of states with their capitals.

Tips for Teaching the State Capitals Using Free Printable Worksheets

There are also plenty of games that you can access with free, printable worksheets such as the State Capital Bingo game. Cut up these individual Bingo cards, and distribute them amongst your students. Call out states and capitals and have them find them on the paper. And consider giving a prize at the end of the game and possibly making it themed with your state of the day or state of the week.You can also use free downloadable worksheets as quizzes. Print a quiz about individual states or all fifty state capitals and have them fill them out in the classroom. It might be a matching quiz or a fill in the blank.

You can also teach the capitals and use free printable worksheets by printing coloring pages. Why not talk about the Statue of Liberty when you talk about New York's state capital, Albany? The students can color in the Statue of Liberty and have a little fun while learning about state capitals.

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