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Video:Annual Holidays and Special Days in October

with Meghan Lynn Allen

There are many important annual holidays and notable days in October to include in your homeschooling lessons. Here are some tips on annual holidays and notable days to teach about in October.See Transcript

Transcript:Annual Holidays and Special Days in October

Hello, I'm Meghan Lynn Allen for, and today we're discussing annual holidays and special days in October.

Halloween Is a Fun Annual Holiday in October

The first holiday that usually pops to mind is that big one at the end of the month, October 31, All Hallows' Eve, or commonly known as Halloween. It's time to break out the crafts and get excited with the kids. Make masks, get into costume, carve pumpkins ... the crafts are endless.

Columbus Day Is an Important Special Day in October

October is also a time for the federal holiday of Columbus Day, which is October 12. It became a federal holiday in 1937. Take the time to teach your kids the facts about Columbus Day and his ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Print out some coloring pages and have some fun.

Electricity Day Is a Special Day in October

And a special day on October 19 is Electricity Day. Take the time to talk with the kids about the invention of electricity and experiments that were done historically, such as Ben Franklin's experiment with the kite and the key and lightning. It's time to talk about nature, lightning and thunder, or make a kite yourself.

United Nations Day Is a Special Day in October

October 24 is United Nations Day. The United Nations was created in 1945, a group that promotes international peace and security. Maybe it's time to print out some coloring pages or the world map, talk about the countries, and fill them in.

Canadian Thanksgiving Is an Important Holiday in October

The Canadians celebrate a special holiday on the second Monday of October. That is the Canadian Thanksgiving. It's a three-day weekend that often is used as a holiday or vacation, and the big meal is commonly eaten on Sunday. Canadian Thanksgiving traditions include symbols like cornucopias, football, and pumpkins, just like the American Thanksgiving, which takes place in November.

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