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Video:Repair Brick Wall Mortar

with Steve Crider

Though brick is low-maintenance, the elements and time can wear down brick mortar. Learn how to fix your home's brick walls with a technique called tuck pointing.See Transcript

Transcript:Repair Brick Wall Mortar

Hi I'm Steve Crider for About.com Home. You know if you live in a brick house, chances are that sooner or later you're going to find out that brick is low-maintenance, not no-maintenance.

Brick Wall Mortar

Over time, the mortar starts to come out of these brick joints and they have to be refilled in a process called tuck pointing. Once upon a time you had to mix your own mortar. Now it comes in these handy tubes.

Prep the Brick Wall

First clean out the old joint with a brush and make sure it's clean and dry. Next, load up the tube in the caulk gun and go to work. Make sure that joint gets good and full. You'll also need one of these- this is called a jointer. Ask for it at your local home store. They'll know exactly what you are talking about.

Tuck Point the Brick Wall

Next, pull the tool along that joint and get a nice concave finish. Once it's dry, it will a lot like this.

Thanks for watching. To learn more visit us on the Web at homegarden.about.com. One down, and a lot to go!
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