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Video:Replace a Toilet Seat

with Debbie Anderson

Freshen up your bathroom by installing a new toilet seat. Watch how to do this quick and easy home improvement project.See Transcript

Transcript:Replace a Toilet Seat

Hi, I'm Debbie Anderson for Home. Whether your current toilet seat is old, broken, or no longer matches the décor, changing a toilet seat is one of the fastest and easiest fix-it projects around the home.

Supplies Needed to Replace a Toilet Seat

For this project, you will need a replacement toilet seat kit, consisting of a toilet seat and two bolt nuts.

It's important to note that when picking out a new toilet seat, find out whether your current toilet seat is circular- or standard-shaped or more elongated.

Then, replace the old toilet seat with the same-shaped toilet seat you currently own.

Remove the Old Toilet Seat

To get started, uncover the two small-hinged covers on the back of the toilet seat to expose the plastic bolts that hold the seat in place.

While holding the top of the bolt with one hand, unscrew the nut holding the bolt in place on the underside of the toilet with the other hand.

To remove the old seat, lift the toilet seat straight up and out of the bolt holes on the toilet.

Install the New Toilet Seat

Align the bolts on the new toilet seat with the bolt holes on the back of the toilet. Slide the bolts straight down through the holes until the seat is properly aligned with the toilet bowl.

Hand-tighten each nut to the bolt ends on the underside of the toilet. And there you have it--a new, cool, and sanitary toilet seat.

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