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Video:Repair Loose Drawer Slides

with Debbie Anderson

Loose drawer slides and drawer tracks can be pain when you try to open and close your drawers. Check out this video tutorial on how to fix loose drawer slides.See Transcript

Transcript:Repair Loose Drawer Slides

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for! Kitchen drawer slides can loosen with use over time, causing the drawer to jiggle or not close properly. So today, I'm going to show you how to repair a loose drawer slide in just a few easy steps!

Remove the Drawer

For this task, you will need a Phillips Head Screwdriver. First, remove the contents from the kitchen drawer you are working on so you have plenty of room to work. Next, slide the kitchen drawer all the way out of the opening in the kitchen cabinet and give it a little lift to completely remove the drawer from the opening in the kitchen cabinets.

Inspect the Drawer Slides for Loose Screws

Once the drawer is removed from the cabinet, inspect the slides located on each side at the underside of the drawer to see which slide is loose .Use your Phillips Screwdriver to carefully rotate the screws holding the slides in place on each side of the drawer in a clockwise direction until all of the screws are tightened down and the slides on each side of the drawer are secure.

Next, inspect the other half of each slide unit that are located at each side of the inside of the kitchen cabinet opening. If a screw is loose on one of the slides inside the cabinet drawer opening, use your screwdriver to rotate the screw in a clockwise direction until the slide mounted to the inside of the cabinet is tightened down and secure again.

Realign the Drawer on the Slides

Next, align the wheels on the slides on the drawer with the wheels on the slides mounted to the inside of the cabinet opening and give the drawer a little lift while pushing the drawer into the cabinet opening.

Then, push the drawer the rest of the way in and then slide the drawer back out again to test that the drawer slides smoothly in and out of the cabinet opening and to double check that the drawer pulls all the way open and all the way closed okay.

Finally, return the kitchen drawer contents to the inside of the drawer!And with a few loose screws tightened back down, the slides on your kitchen cabinet drawers should be working like new again!

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