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Video:How to Use a Jigsaw

with Steve Crider

Many home projects require cutting, and the jigsaw is a great tool that's easy to operate when you have to start sawing. See how to use a jigsaw in three simple steps.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use a Jigsaw

Hey! Steve Crider here for About.com Home and Garden. A lot of home do-it-yourself projects require cutting. The jigsaw is one of my favorite saws. It's versatile, a decent one can be inexpensive, and it's user friendly.

How to Use a Jigsaw

Using the jigsaw is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Number one: learn how to release and install your blades. This one has a twist knob on top of the saw that releases the blade. To install a new blade just reverse the process.

Number two is the variable speed setting. This one is located on the trigger. Turn this dial and you can set the saw to run fast or slow.

Number three: pull the trigger and start cutting. This is called the foot. Put it flat on the work surface, pull the trigger and let the blade do the work.

Using a Jigsaw

The great thing about the jigsaw is that it makes straight cuts and it makes scroll cuts as well. Just like with any power tool, read your owners manual and pay attention to the safety recommendations.

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