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Video:How to Replace Window Screen

with John Demike

Replace a window screen with a few simple tool and techniques. Check out how to easily replace an old window screen with this video tutorial.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Replace Window Screen

Hi, I'm John DeMike for We have a little bit of a bug problem here so we’re going to replace the screen.

Remove the Old Window Screen

The screen comes out by pressing at the top and lifting out at the bottom. You can also do this from the inside if you’re on an upper floor. You’re going to need a small screwdriver, a screen rolling tool, a pair of scissors, and a razor knife. You’re also going to need a roll of spline, and the replacement screen.

We’re going to start by prying the spline out of the frame with the screwdriver. Once you get it started you can just pull it out the rest of the way, but you do have to watch that you don’t bend the frame while your pulling the spline out. Once the spline is out, the screen comes right off.

The best way to make sure that you get the right sized screen, is to take the old one with ya to the hardware store. The spline looses its flexibility from being out in the sun all these years, plus they come in so many different diameters, that it’s better to take that with you as well.

Straigten the Window Screen Frame

This frame has seen better days, and it needs to be straightened. Use a surface that you know to be straight, and just keep bending and tweaking it until it’s flush. It’s not going to do you any good to put a fresh screen in a bent frame, so just keep working it back and forth in every direction, until it lies flush no matter which way you tip it.

Secure the New Screen in the Window Frame

Roll the screen out on top of the frame, take your spline and cut some small pieces that we’re going to use as anchors. Then grab your screen rolling tool. You’ll notice that it has 2 ends, one of ‘em is grooved, and the other one is round. Use the round end to push the screen into the groove, in the center of the longest side. Then use the grooved wheel to push one of those anchor pieces into that spot. Do the exact same thing for all 4 sides. This keeps the screen located so it doesn’t move around when you put the rest of the spline in.

Use Anchors to Lock Down the Window Screen

Now you can use the round end of the tool to push the screen into the groove all the way around. After we get done doing this we’re going to take some more anchor pieces and lock the screen down in 4 more places. Now that you’ve got the screen locked down, you can start rolling the spline down into the groove. At this point you need to be careful that you don’t go out of the track, because you’ll end up ripping the screen and starting over.

When you get to one of the anchor pieces, stop and just pull the anchor piece out. As you reach the corners, you’re going to find that it’s a lot easier to cut the screen at an angle, rather than trying to fight the screen as you bend the spline around the corner. It’s also important not to stretch the spline either because when it shrinks you’re going to end up with unsecured areas. When you reach the end, just take your scissors and make your cut.

Carefully Trim the Excess Screen Material

To finish up, just take the roller and stuff the last bit of spline into the groove. To trim the excess, we’re going to use the razor knife. Now here you have to watch that you don’t have your hand where the knife could slip and cut your fingers. As you make the cut, keep moving your hand back so it stays out of the way. Now that’s a perfect example of what I mean about how the knife slips.When you’re done, you’re ready to re-install. Make sure the springs are at the top, shove the screen up, and then push the bottom in.Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at

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