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Video:How to Remove a Garbage Disposal

with Roger Bacon

Learn how to remove a garbage disposal properly so that you can change your garbage disposal without damaging your sink. Follow this step-by-step guide to remove a garbage disposal.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Remove a Garbage Disposal

I am Roger Bacon with RGB Renovations and today we are going to take out the garbage disposal.

Supplies Needed to Remove a Garbage Disposal

The tools we are going to use today are:

  • a large set of slip joint pliers
  • a custom wrench that comes with most garbage disposals
  • a flat bladed screwdriver

Undo the Mounting to Remove a Garbage Disposal

Let's get started. First we'll place our bucket underneath the drain and unplug the disposal. Remember; never put your hand in a running disposal. Use your slip joint pliers and loosen the nut that holds the p-trap on the drain -- sometimes there is two and then catch the water that comes out. Sometimes this water is smelly, so be ready. Empty that out, and save all these parts -- you'll need them when we out it back together.

Now take your special wrench and put it in -- oh that also got a hose that comes from our dishwasher, we are going to remove that as well. Now you take your special custom wrench and put it in the lower mounting hole of the mounting flange. This flange turns and mounts up to the other half of the flange which stays with the sink.

Disconnect the Hoses to Remove a Garbage Disposal

Here is our sealing ring; it keeps the water in, our output hose and the input hose from our dishwasher as well. Putting it back in, it's just as easy, hold it up in position. Sometimes it's a two-man job. Then use your special wrench to tighten it the rest of the way, reconnect your pipes, turn on the water, test for leaks and you are done.

I am Roger Bacon and that's how you remove and reinstall a garbage disposal.

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