How to Remove a Broken Screw With a Screw Extractor Video
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Video:How to Remove a Broken Screw With a Screw Extractor

with Miles Ross

Screw extractors can remove broken screws with a few additional tools. Check out how to use screw extractors to get your home repairs underway.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Remove a Broken Screw With a Screw Extractor

Today we're going to learn how to remove a broken screw with a screw extractor.

Tools Needed to Remove a Screw:

  • An electric power drill,
  • a set of variable size screw extractors,
  • a hammer,
  • a wrench
  • variable size screw bits

My screwdriver is useless with this damaged screw head so I'm going to drill a hole in it with a drill bit. Make sure to use the right size drill bit to make a hole. With the drill bit, drill in past the damaged area forming a new hole. Drill slowly and carefully with the proper size drill bit as recommended on the packet of screw extractors.

Fit the Screw Extractor

I'll then take my screw extractors and figure out which one fits the best in the hole I've created. You can check the packet that came with the screw extractors to see which extractor might match up better with the drill bit used to create the hole; or you can just get a feel for them and see which one locks firmly, in place better. Find the perfect extractor for your needs and, once it fits tightly, tap it a few times with a hammer to ensure it is in place. Then, with the wrench, unscrew the broken screw until it is easy enough to pull out with your hands.

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