How to Fix a Tank Type Water Heater: Water Leak Around Base of Heater Video
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Video:How to Fix a Tank Type Water Heater: Water Leak Around Base of Heater

with George Allen

Water heater leaks can be fixed is you can identify the source. Check out these tips for finding and fixing leaks around the base of your tank type water heater.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Tank Type Water Heater: Water Leak Around Base of Heater

Hi, I'm George Allen, I'm a home renovator from Kansas City Missouri and I'm here to talk about what to do if you find a leak around the base of your tank type water heater. With tips from the's home repair website.

Safely Inspect the Water Heater

Before we get started some safety tips are Make sure you cut the main power supply to your house, you can find this in your breaker box. Make sure you turn off the main breaker and not individual breakers as there is still a power source to your home. Next, make sure your pilot nob is in the pilot position and that your water supply is turned off.

Check Condensation Around the Water Heater

There are a number of causes for a leaky water heater. If the problem is simply a pool of water beside the heater, first check to see if it is caused by condensation building up on the sides of your water heater. In humid areas this is often caused by cold water entering the tank. In order to see if this is the problem turn off the power or gas to the tank for a few hours if there is no longer pooling water or water on the sides of the tank, then this was the problem. Congratulations, there is no leak to worry about.

Check Water Heater's Plumbing

The problem could also be coming from an overhead or nearby plumbing connection. If you can locate the leak try and tighten the pipe fitting until it is snug.A leaky water heater could also be caused by a leak of the temperature pressure relief valve, or T and P valve. This could be caused by excessive pressure, overheating, or it could simply be stuck. The T and P valve is located at the top of the heater at the water outlet joint.

First, try to tighten the valve, being careful of course not to over tighten it. If that does not work then place a bucket under the overflow pipe. Then open and close the T and P valve, clearing it of any debris that may have built up over time. If you think overheating may be the issue, turn down the thermostat and open the T & P relief valve to reduce pressure. If this does not work and you suspect that this is where the leak is originating, then you may need to replace the T and P valve.

Check Water Heater's Gasket

If the leak is coming from an element, it is most likely a faulty element gasket. With the power and gas off, try to tighten the thermostat bracket over the element. If this does not work, the gasket must be replaced. If the water tank has a lot of corrosion and rusting, or if water is letting in the combustion chamber, or if the water is leaking from the seams, then unfortunately the water tank will need to be replaced.Thank you for watching, for more tips on how to fix your tank type water heater, be sure to check us out on the web, at

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