How to Fix a Tank Type Water Heater: Inadequate Hot Water Video
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Video:How to Fix a Tank Type Water Heater: Inadequate Hot Water

with George Allen

If there's not enough hot water from your water heater, there a few things which might be to blame. Check out why your hot water heater may not be producing enough hot water.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Tank Type Water Heater: Inadequate Hot Water

Hi, my name is George Allen. I am a home renovator in Kansas City, Missouri for Today we are going to talk about what to look for if you have inadequate hot water in your tank type water heater with tips from the's  home repair website.

Safely Inspect the Water Heater

Before we get started some safety tips are make sure you cut the main power supply to your house you can find this in your breaker box, and make sure you turn off the main breaker not individual breakers because they are still a power source to your home. Also make sure your pilot knob is in the pilot position, and that your water supply is turned off.

Check Hot and Cold Water Lines

Now nobody likes a cold shower so the first thing we need to check is that our hot water heater is big enough for our water usage, you may need to replace your water heater with one that fits your household needs. Another reason you may have inadequate hot water is that you have a broken dip tube which is allowing hot and cold water to mix, if that is the case check the dip tube and see if it is broken, replace if necessary. Another problem may be a faulty plumbing installation where the hot and cold lines were crossed.

Check Heating Elements on the Tank

Another cause of inadequate hot water could be a faulty gas supply or not enough gas being supplied to the unit, your flame should be blue with just a hint of orange at the tip. On an electric water heater check for power and electrical continuity in the upper and lower heating elements. You may need to replace your heating elements.

If you are not sure which heating element is bad, here is one way to tell. If you are constantly getting a stream of lukewarm water, it’s your upper heating element. If you are getting short durations of hot water followed by cold water, it’s your lower heating element. Another thing to check if you are having electrical problems are the upper and lower thermostats, replace if necessary.Thank you for watching, for more tips on how to fix your tank type water heater check us out on the web at

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