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Video:How to Fix a Tank-Type Water Heater: Higher Pitched Whining

with George Allen

Your tank-type water heater should not be making a high-pitched whining noise; if it is, it's time to fix it. Here are instructions for fixing a tank-type water heater that's making a high-pitched whine.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Tank-Type Water Heater: Higher Pitched Whining

Hi, my name is George Allen. I am a home renovator in Kansas City, Missouri, for Today we are going to talk about how to fix a high pitch whining in your tank-type water heater with tips from the Home Repair website.

Safety Tips

Before we get started some safety tips are; make sure you cut the main power supply to your house. You can find this in your breaker box, and make sure you turn off the main breaker, not individual breakers, because they are still a power source to your home. Also, make sure your pilot knob is in the pilot position and that your water supply is turned off.

Fix Water Heater By Flushing It

In an electric water heater, if you hear a high-pitch whining, it means you have an excessive build up of scale on one of your heating elements. Even if you don't have a problem, it is good to flush a hot water heater at least once a year to remove any sediment build up it may have acquired. You do not need to shut off the power or water supply when flushing your tank. First, you want to attach an ordinary garden hose to the draincock at the bottom of your hot water heater. This usually looks like a faucet found in your garden, or it looks like a dial with a threaded hole for your hose to attach to. Take the other end of the hose to a place such as a drain or to your front yard where the water is safe to drain out. Open up the draincock so the water can begin to flow out of the heater. Don't force the draincock open, because it may break easily on older models. Let about five minutes pass and then fill an empty bucket with the draining water. If the water is clear and free of debris, then close the draincock and remove the garden hose. If not, then empty the bucket and repeat until the water is clean and clear.

Replace Anode Rod to Fix Water Heater

Also, replace the anode rod with a zinc alloy anode, then clean the scales from the water heater tank and the elements. Install a low watt density heating element, which has larger surface areas, transferring heat to water more efficiently producing less electric wattage than a standard element.

Thank you for watching. For more tips on how to fix your tank-type water heater, check us out on the web at

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