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Video:How to Fix a Slow Draining Garbage Disposal

with Roger Bacon

Want to learn how to properly fix a slow draining garbage disposal? This video will show you how to make the garbage disposal drain better.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Slow Draining Garbage Disposal

I am Roger Bacon with RGB Renovations and today we are going to look at how to fix a slow draining garbage disposal. Remember: never put your hand in a running garbage disposal.

Notes About Fixing a Slow Draining Garbage Disposal

We've got several methods of fixing a drain, this is the plunger of course, we are all familiar with that we can use that. What we don't use is any chemicals, no chemicals in garbage disposal. The harsh chemicals can damage the machine and if it turns on, might splash back up in your face. So that's not safe. We'll do it the old-fashion way.

Instructions for Fixing a Slow Draining Garbage Disposal

Fill your basin, the slow draining basin with some water and you have to cover the top of the plunger, put that guy in there and give it a few good plunges. If the clog is close to the top this may help dislodge it. If that doesn't work, the clog may be down low in the trap and let's take one of those traps apart and see what it looks like.

Tools for Fixing a Slow Draining Garbage Disposal

The tools we are going to use to get this trap off is just a single pair of slip joint pliers and a plastic bowl to catch some of the water.

More Instructions for Fixing a Slow Draining Garbage Disposal

First let's unplug this for safety, take the plug out off the disposal and set it aside and then use the pliers to loosen our trap.Here is our disposal, we've got drain from the other side of the sink, drain from the disposal and it all goes into a p-trap. It's called a p-trap, because its shape is sort of like a P.

Let's take our slip joint pliers and just loosen the two nuts that hold the p-trap, place the dish underneath and loosen these nuts. That trap will slide down and you can dump out the water. There is that p-shape trap, also has the nuts with their sealing washers very important.

If this is where that leak is or these the clog, you can clean this out and put it all back together. If this is clean it's very likely that the clog is back inside the wall and we may need to use a -- an ogre type powered drain cleaner.

So now that we've cleaned that out we'll put it all back together, tighten out nuts with our wrench, rinse and test. I am Roger Bacon and that's how you fix a slow draining garbage disposal.

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