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Video:How to Fix a Gas Furnace: Furnace Has a Noisy Operation

with Erick Noack

Your gas furnace should be operating with a minimal amount of noise. If it starts getting too noisy, it's time to fix it. Here's a video detailing how to fix a noisy gas furnace.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Gas Furnace: Furnace Has a Noisy Operation

Hi, my name is Erick Noack. I'm an HVAC technician for ABC Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric. And we're here for Today I'm going to show you some things to check if you're hearing a strange noise coming from your furnace.

Blowers Can Make Strange Noises

Squeaks, rattles, and rumbles are some of the things that we hear from furnaces. In the case of a squeak, it can be related to a motor failing or just making noise. Rumbling and rattling can be caused by an out of balance blower wheel caused by debris or just age or just being dirty. Early gas furnaces used a motor with a belt to drive the wheel. That's the blower that moves the air into the house. All modern furnaces use a direct drive blower that's permanently lubricated. It doesn't require any lubrication or maintainance on that. The way to identify the difference is when you look down into your blower compartment of your furnace, you're going to see your blower housing and you can follow the wires up to the housing. If you see the motor centered in that blower housing, that tells you it's a direct drive blower. On earlier model furnaces, with a separate motor, belt drive, and blower wheel, it did require some maintainance to that belt and lubrication. That's something that's best left to a professional.

Air Leaks in Gas Furnaces Make Noise

Squeaks and squeals can also happen from air leaks. There can be a leak in the duct work or around the furnace somewhere that's allowing a small amount of air to leak in or out causing a whistling or squeaking sound. If you suspect that a high-pitched squealing or whistling noise could be coming from the air flow, what you want to do is check some of the gaps or joints where the sheet metal is connected. Those are the likely sources where that can happen and it can be simply sealed up with tape or a piece of putty or something like that. Sometimes something as little as this door being out of alignment can cause a squeal or a squeak and you can just move it a little bit or just make sure it's firmly placed where it should be.

Clogged Burners Make Noises

So when you look at the burners on a furnace, you can kind of judge the condition. This furnace is very clean and well maintained. If you see any kind of dust, lint or other kind of dirt in the furnace, that could be clogging one of the burners and causing excess noise in a furnace. In that case, it's really important to get a professional out to do a proper cleaning on the furnace for you. Knowing a little bit about your system and being educated about it is the best way to stay on top of it and avoid breakdowns. A lot of times when homeowners hear the system operating in an unusual way, they can have us come out and take care of it before it becomes a bigger issue.

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