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Video:How to Fix a Garbage Disposal: Stuck Flywheel (Humming Sound)

with David Knupp

A humming sound coming from your garbage disposal most likely means you've got a stuck flywheel. Here's a video with instructions on how to fix a stuck flywheel in a garbage disposal.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Garbage Disposal: Stuck Flywheel (Humming Sound)

Hey guys, David Knupp here for If you're like me, then you've been frustrated by a garbage disposal that just won't do its job. Garbage malfunctions are often be caused due to unwanted food or unwanted debris going down the sink and becoming lodged in the flywheel, and instead of hearing the normal garbage disposal noises when you turn it on, all you hear is a hum. But don't worry, there's an simple solution and it should only take you a few minutes.

Tools to Fix the Garbage Disposal Flywheel

For this fix, you'll need an wooden dowel, a pair of pliers, and an Allen wrench. Most standard garbage disposals use a ¼ inch sized Allen wrench. To determine what kind of garbage disposal you have, simply follow the cord leading from the underside of the unit. If it is not hard wired to the building, unplug the disposal from the wall socket. However, if your garbage disposal is wired to the building, you can find the proper breaker to stop the power from going to the disposal. If you don't hear any noise when you turn on the disposal, press the reset button on the bottom of the disposal.

Remove Obstruction From Stuck Flywheel

Next, using your fingers, feel the underside of the disposal unit and find the socket where your Allen wrench will go. It's usually on the middle of the unit. Putting your Allen wrench in the socket, twist back and forth on the Allen wrench to free any materials that may have become lodged in the garbage disposal. It's never a good idea to put your hands in the garbage disposal as accidental finger loss or other injury can occur. Instead, use your wooden dowel to probe for any obstructions in the garbage disposal. If you find the culprit, use your pliers to remove it from the garbage disposal. Once you have removed the obstruction, plug the garbage disposal back in, or flip the breaker back on. You can then test out the garbage disposal by turning on the water and starting it. Running the water will help wash down any pieces of debris that may have become dislodged.

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