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Video:How to Fix a Garbage Disposal: Leaking Garbage Disposal

with Roger Bacon

A leaking garbage disposal can be a major headache, but it's not too difficult to fix. Here's a video with instructions on how to fix a leaking garbage disposal.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Garbage Disposal: Leaking Garbage Disposal

I am Roger Bacon with RGB Renovations. Today, we are going to fix the leaking garbage disposal.

Look for Leak in Pipes Beneath Sink

The tools that we are going to use today are a large set of slip joint pliers, a custom wrench that comes with most garbage disposals and probably a flat bladed screwdriver. Alright! Now we are going to get a look at where the leak is on this particular disposal. First, we are going to unplug it for safety. We have just a regular household plugin here where we can take out and set it aside, so now the power is completely off for this disposal. We've got several pipes here which let us drain the water out and we are going to just loosen them up. Some times they are finger tight, sometimes you need a little wrench. Let's just take these loops and see what comes out. Normal P-traps, this is PVC pipes, nice, easy to use, but they will leak sometimes.

Look for Leak Where Garbage Disposal Meets Sink

If you don't find any leaks in these parts we've examined already, the next place that might be leaking is at near the flange where the entire disposal mounts to the sink. This time we are going to use our custom wrench again, it goes in one of these small holes and we turn the entire flange a quarter turn and then rotate the disposal until it comes out. So we've got this little flange that actually locks in place and we use our special wrench to tighten it, or in this case, loosen it, against the flange matting piece that mounts in the sink and we'll get a look at that next.

Fix Garbage Disposal Leak Near Flange

So now you can see we've got this flange loosened up and we'll pull it right out. Here is where the putty seals up against the sink and you can see that some of it has gotten old and cracked. So when you are at the hardware store, pick up some plumber's putty, just soft pasty stuff that goes in there and seals the water leaks. First, you want to clean out all the old stuff. We have got our flange cleaned up and now we are putting our plumber's putty in. You get a good solid layer of it right in here. It doesn't have to be real neat at this point, just get plenty of it in there. This is what seals the water. Make sure your labeling is facing the correct way up and give that a good solid push down in there; you can see the putty starting to squish up. It will come out more as we get the tightening to the bolts.

Put Flange Back Together

Now we are ready to put our flange back together. Remember the first part goes up, the second part goes in and then the ring attaches the whole assembly together. It's really the hardest part. So now you can really see how we put this ring on. All this is assembled up under the sink and this ring snaps in that groove to hold the whole assembly together while we tighten that up. Now, tightening the nuts squeezes the putty out and keeps the water in between the sink right here, squished out nicely on the top making a good tight seal. All we have to do now is engage the disposal and rotate the tightening ring, let's try it. Might be a two-person job; let's see if we can do it. And then use the wrench to fully tighten that top ring. Put your pipes back together, plug it in, test it for leaks, hopefully you are done.

I am Roger Bacon and that's how you fix a leaking garbage disposal.

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