How to Fix a Garbage Disposal: Disposal Will Not Turn On Video
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Video:How to Fix a Garbage Disposal: Disposal Will Not Turn On

with Roger Bacon

Garbage disposals may malfunction occasionally. If you garbage disposal will not turn on, here are some tips for doing some home repair.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Garbage Disposal: Disposal Will Not Turn On

Hi! I am Roger Bacon with RGB Renovations and today I am going to show you how to fix the garbage disposal that won't turn on. Remember for your safety, never put your hand in a running garbage disposal and we will turn off the power when we are working on it just to be sure. The tools we are going to use today are a large set of slip joint pliers, a custom wrench that comes with most garbage disposals and probably a flat bladed screw driver.

Listen to the Garbage Disposal's Sounds

If there is no sound in your garbage disposal when you flip the switch, we can check to make sure that it's plugged in, that's usually just a standard household plug underneath the sink where it goes into a socket and you can see that here, just a standard wall plug and this one is in fact plugged in, so we know that that's okay.

Reset the Garbage Disposal

Some of these garbage disposals also have a reset button on the bottom which we can see here on our display model. The small red button will pop out if the machine jams and that is called the reset button, if there is no sound, it makes sense to feel around or look underneath the disposal and push that back in if it pops out. It pops out maybe a half inch and you can easily see it.

Loosen Jams in the Garbage Disposal

Here is the middle, you can see a small hole where our custom wrench will fit in and allow us to turn the entire assembly to free up a loose or jam machine. If it's walnuts or some kind of a spoon down in there, sometimes that will free it up. Let's go ahead and listen to our disposal here and see what a normal one sounds like. We will just turn it on. This one sounds okay. We are going to demonstrate and check out our circuit breaker in the basement next.

If there is no sound and you have already pushed the reset button on your disposal, come down to your garage and turn on the circuit breaker labeled disposal sometimes that has tripped and will turn off all the power to your disposal in kitchen.

Sometimes you can use a piece of wood like this broom stick to get in there and physically move the rotating parts of that disposal in to loosen up any more jams. So with it unplugged we will stick with this piece of broom stick down inside and by prying on the little pieces inside there get that unit to spin inside. So you can feel that inside piece rotating now as you grip with the piece of wood and turn it and if you have got a chicken bone or something logged inside there, this will loosen it up and sometimes that will fix it. And you rinse and turn it on.

I am Roger Bacon and that's how you fix a disposal that won't turn on.

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