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Video:How to Fill Drywall Screw Holes

with Ami Young

Is your drywall pocked with unsightly screw holes? This video demonstrates how to fill in those holes and make your wall look new again.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fill Drywall Screw Holes

Hi! I'm Ami Young for Home.

Those unsightly screw holes can really deteriorate the appearance of your home's interior over time, so today Im going to show you how to fill these wall blemishes and make your walls look beautiful again.

Tools to Fill Screw Holes

For this project, you will need:
  • Utility or spackling knife
  • Piece of fine-grit sandpaper
  • All-purpose joint compound
  • Foam brush
  • A small amount of interior wall paint (that is the same color as the wall where you are filling in the hole)
  • Clean work rag
Now, it's important to note here that this technique tends to work best for screw holes that are no more than about a half an inch in diameter wide.

Prepare the Drywall

First, remove any debris, old wall anchors, or broken screws that may still be in the hole you want to fill.

Fill Screw Holes

Next, using your utility knife, scoop out a small amount of joint compound and apply it to the inside of the screw hole in the wall. Fill in the hole with compound as thick and as evenly as possible. Once the hole is filled in, use the flat edge of your utility knife to feather out the edges of the compound just a little over the drywall area around the screw hole. Allow the compound to dry for at least 24-Hours.

Cover Screw Holes

Once the compound is dry, its time to make your wall look like nothing ever happened! To do this, use your fine-grit sandpaper to smooth over any rough spots in the compound then wipe away any compound dust around the area with a clean work rag. Using your foam paint brush and paint, apply a touch-up coat of interior wall paint over the area where the compound is exposed on the wall. Allow the paint to dry for 24-Hours.

There! Looks good as new! Thank you for watching! To learn more, visit us on the Web at

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