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Video:Fix a Loose Kitchen Cabinet Door

with Ami Young

Learn some simple hinge adjustment techniques to fix loose kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors.See Transcript

Transcript:Fix a Loose Kitchen Cabinet Door

Hi! I'm Ami Young for Home.

Today I'm going to show you how to fix those loose and jiggly cupboard doors on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Tools Needed

For this repair, you're going to need a flat head or phillips head screwdriver. Now, the type of screwdriver you're going to need is really dependent on the type of screw you have holding your cabinet door to your cabinet. Today, we're going to use a phillips head screwdriver because, as you can see here, the top of our screw head is shaped like that of a crosshair. If it were shaped like one long groove in a straight line, then we'd need our flathead screwdriver.

Identifying the Looks Hinge

So, the first thing we're going to do is swing our loose cabinet door open so we can see the inside brackets holding everything together. Then, I'm just going to give the door a little jiggle so I can see which hinge or hinges are loose.

Cabinet Hinge Alignment

Now, you can see here, the part of the bracket holding the door and cabinet together is a metal piece that slides underneath the screw head. This slider bracket is useful so when the screw is loosened, we can slide the cabinet door closer or further way from the cabinet to get the correct alignment for the door. Now, Im just going to slide the door up until it looks squared up with the rest of the cabinet.

Tightening Cabinet Door Screw

Now that I've got the door in place, I'm just going to go ahead and tighten the screw down with my screw driver. Remember – the rule of thumb is Right for Tight, Left for Loose.

Alright, now that I have my screws tightened up and secured in place, I'm just going to close this door and make sure that it closes easily and hangs straight. Perfect!

Now, if your cabinet door still doesn't quite close correctly or isn't hanging straight, go ahead and loosen the screw and repeat these steps again until your cupboard door closes easily and looks like it's aligned correctly.

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