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Video:Anatomy of a Garbage Disposal

with Roger Bacon

Learn the anatomy of a garbage disposal so that you can remove and replace a garbage disposal without damaging your sink. Here is more information on the anatomy of a garbage disposal.See Transcript

Transcript:Anatomy of a Garbage Disposal

I am Roger Bacon with RGB Renovations and today we are going to examine the anatomy of a garbage disposal. Make sure you never stick your hand in a running garbage disposal. Here we have a mock-up of a disposal. This one is fairly common model.

Trap and Top of a Garbage Disposal

This is the trap part that you normally see on the top and it keeps the water in and the food down inside.Once that comes off, this is part of our ceiling ring which holds the whole assembly to the sink and we can then look inside and see the rotating blades.

Down inside are the blades and a spinning disc that actually does the cutting of the waste food down in there. That's where the problem usually gets something stuck in bottle caps and spoons.

P-Trap And Piping of a Garbage Disposal

On the outside it's fairly easy to see the outlet where our P-trap connects, the plastic PVC piping goes in here with a rubber seal and then is then tightened up. Up here at the top is where our disposal connection can be. If you have a dishwasher, the rubber hose from the drain will come and connect on to the here.

On a new setting, on a new disposal you have to break the small seal that's in there to let that dishwasher water flow in. If you are not using it, you leave the seal intact and if you are going to have a dishwater, you break that seal and put the hose and clamp assembly on there.

Bottom of a Garbage Disposal

Down on the bottom, you can see our reset button. We have a small hole where the wrench will go to free up any obstructions that happen. Up top, we have of course the rubber sealing ring and this is the assembly that holds the whole thing to the sink. This is how the ring comes off. We can take that piece off and allow the whole thing to come apart.

You see we have got a bolt assembly that tightens the whole thing. We have got a plate that the bolts rest against and the flange that goes on top of the sink.Here is where the sealing putty goes, this goes this goes back together just like this with the sink in between. And then the all important clip ring. Really the hardest part when it's all assembled, there you go.

I am Roger Bacon and that's the anatomy of a garbage disposal.

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