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Video:Painting Interior Walls With Latex Paint

with JJ Burkart

You can freshen up any room by adding a coat of paint. Watch the proper method for painting interior walls with latex paint.See Transcript

Transcript:Painting Interior Walls With Latex Paint

Hi, I'm JJ Burkart for Home. I'm going to show you how to paint an interior wall with latex paint. This wall already has a coat of primer. If your wall is not primed you will have to prime before you can paint.

Wall Painting Supplies

Let's run through the supplies. You will need:
  • a paint tarp or an old sheet
  • can of paint
  • stir stick
  • screwdriver or paint can opener
  • 1 to 2-inch paint brush
  • 9-inch paint roller
  • roller tray
  • roller cover
  • spackle
  • painting tape
  • rubber or latex gloves
  • ladder, if necessary
  • paper towels

Prepare the Room for Painting

First use your paint tape to cover the edges of all trim or woodwork. This is important and will keep the paint on the wall where it belongs.

Next lay out the paint tarp to protect the floor from drips. Use the spackle to cover any nail holes or imperfections in the wall. Apply with a putty knife or similar flat blade and allow it to dry before you paint over it. Remove any vent covers or light switch plates.

Mixing the Paint

Before you handle the paint you may want to put on rubber or latex gloves. Set the paint can on your tarp and open using a regular screwdriver or a paint can opener. Stir the paint using the wooden stir stick. Stir until the paint is completely mixed and has a consistent color throughout.

Dipping the Paint Brush

Take the paint brush and vertically dip it into the paint no more than half way up the bristles. Wipe the excess paint from the back of the brush using the edge of the paint can. This will help you avoid dripping paint as you carry the brush from the can to the wall.

Start With Edges

The first thing to paint is the edges. Use short strokes to spread the paint evenly along the wall edge. After you have thoroughly covered an area use longer strokes to smooth any lines that may have developed.

Don't use paint tape for corners with texturized surfaces. The texture prevents a tight seal and paint can seep under the tape.

Painting With Rollers

Once you have finished the edging it is time to use the paint roller. Pour a generous amount of paint into the roller tray. Roll back and forth on the flat part of the tray until roller is completely covered, but not dripping.

First, roll the paint in all directions. After an area is fully saturated, roll in long vertical motions to smooth out lines.

When you have finished rolling, slowly and carefully remove the tape. Wait for the paint to dry and inspect your wall. You may have to apply a second coat of paint if the primer coat shows through.

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