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Video:How to Spackle Walls

with Daniel Meirom

Spackle walls to make the holes on a wall disappear. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to spackle walls easily and thoroughly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Spackle Walls

Hey I'm Alex Nice with And I got to ask you a question. How long are you as a homeowner going to allow these dings and dents in your wall? It's about time about time you repaired these and I'm going to show you how with some light weight spackle, a little 5 in 1 scraper, a spackle tray and a spackle knife. You can always use a pint knife if you want to.

Preparing to Spackle Walls

Now you get your spackle pan and your spackle knife. Take the edge of the knife, dip it into the Spackle. You don't need too much of it for these little repairs. Not even a quarter of a blade. Scrape it off. Put a little pressure on the edge, scrape it off on the inside edge. You want to ad a little bit of water tiny bit of water. Then you mix it, back and forth, side to side, spreading it out until you get a nice smooth consistency. You take a little bit on your knife edge and what you want to do is clip it wings and what I mean by that is you want to scrape off the corners at an angle so that you only have spackle in the center of the knife. If you overload your knife spackle can fall off the corner of your knife land on your hands, land on the floor and make a big mess.

How to Spackle Walls

Now your spackle's ready, but let's check out the holes in our wall. There are some loose pieces here, you can feel them with your finger, some crumbly pieces, there is some flaking paint around the edge. You want to smooth it off with that (your spackle knife). Sometimes you can use your finger you just don't want to much crumbs and dust in there. Now you're ready to spackle. You press down, against the wall over the hole with even pressure and snap it off. Press down with smooth and steady pressure. Come at it from the other direction. Sometimes you have to hit it more than once. You can see for yourself smooth, it's even with the wall. Now all we have to do is wait for it to dry and we'll come back and sand it. Maybe you want to get yourself a cup of milk and some Oreo cookies and sit in front of the TV and wait for about an hour.

After You Spackle

Now that our patch is dry we're ready to sand. Sand at the edges first in small circles and then go over the whole thing with a big circle. Now you have a nice smooth wall and it's ready to be primed and then painted but you can worry about that later. For more homeowner tips go to Me, I'm out of here. See you.
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