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Video:Spa-Style Bathroom Paint Job

with Linda Castle

A spa theme is a really pleasant way to paint your bathroom. This video will explain how to give your bathroom a spa-style paint job.See Transcript

Transcript:Spa-Style Bathroom Paint Job

Hi, I'm Linda Castle with Decorated Designs here for and what we're going to talk about today is about the spa-style bath colors.

Turquoise is Good for Bathroom Paint Jobs

One of the biggest trends has moved towards a color that's kind of a turquoise. You're not sure if it's green, you're not sure if it's blue, but really can go either direction. And I like to call these colors 'turquoise.' They're just wonderful for a bathroom, for an update if you're updating your home and you want to be very on-trend, or you're building a new home. What's nice about these colors is they feel very clean, they feel very fresh, but they're also very soothing and comforting. And blue is a wonderful color for that kind of a room. It's almost, it's got that spa feeling, that fresh water feeling.

Khaki Also Works With Spa-Style Paint Jobs

It goes well with another color that's very on-trend, which is your taupes and your khakis. It's just a beautiful blend. So what I've done in this bathroom is we've got the ceiling painted the khaki, then we've done the spa colors on the walls. And as you see, we've got some great updated techniques.

Use Free-Standing Tub in Spa-Themed Bathroom

You may have one of those old, old spa tubs that—the old Jacuzzis—and it's just not looking like it used to, well, do not be afraid. Rip that out and put in a new free-standing tub. Again, very on-trend, very stylish. It's got the beautiful legs, you can get it in any of the colors today that go with bathrooms. Virtually, now all the colors are now updated.

Get New Fixtures to Complement Paint Job

You can use the chrome, we're going back into chrome, you can do the oil-rubbed bronze. Always appropriate, gives an old world feeling. Now in the shower, you see we've done the body washes and the rain shower head which, again, very updated, very pretty, and then neutralizing with the tiles in the today colors, which is that natural look. Could be a porcelain, could be a limestone. You're not sure because they all look so natural and so pretty and so timeless.

Now that was spa-style bathroom colors. And for more information, go to

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