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Video:How to Paint a Bathroom in Seaside Style

with Linda Castle

Painting a bathroom in seaside style creates a calming, serene approach to your bathroom ambiance. Watch this how-to video from to learn about painting a bathroom in seaside style.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Paint a Bathroom in Seaside Style

Hi I'm Linda Castle with Decorated Designs. I'm here today with to discuss a seaside-style bathroom and how the paints can really create that ambiance.

Use Blues When Painting a Bathroom in Seaside Style

And what we've got in this bathroom is absolutely a beautiful blue. It's a blue that's got a little bit of umber in it so it doesn't have that childish neon effect. It really creates a nice backdrop for the seaside effect and of course, blue in and of itself, indicates kind of a fresh feeling, a soothing feeling very very appropriate for seaside. And with this blue paint we did a beautiful classic white marble that just, once again, maintains that clean effect.

Contrast With White When Painting a Bathroom in Seaside Style

You see the cabinets are nice and white. We haven't made them yellow we haven't put too much cream in it. We really wanted to keep that nice white, crisp clean look. And because of the seaside effect we used the chrome fixtures. In the shower we've got the shower rain head we've got the beautiful chrome fixtures at the sinks. And chrome is making a big come back because its got that clean fresh feel.

Add Warmth When Painting a Bathroom in Seaside Style

So the bathroom is very simplistic but very rich looking and we haven't done a lot to accessorize it just put in a lot of nice white towels once again for that sea side effect. What we did to warm it is put a beautiful rug on the floor to give some color, to give some warmth and just to add to that that homey feeling. So that's an example of a seaside-style bathroom where the paint can really add to that ambiance.

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