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Video:Over-the-Range Microwave Installation

with Zack Heene

Ready to install your over the range microwave? We'll show you how to do it properly to ensure a high-quality DIY job.See Transcript

Transcript:Over-the-Range Microwave Installation

I am Zack Heene for About.com and I am going to show you how to install an over the range microwave.

What You Need to Install an Over the Range Microwave

The tools you will need are: Phillips screwdriver, a pencil, a tape measure, a carpenter square, tin snips(if cutting hood vent) scissors, electric drill, saw, stud finder, level, duct or masking tape and safety goggles.

Where to Install the Over the Range Microwave

First thing to do is use the stud finder and find where the wall studs are, then mark them with a pencil. Most of these microwaves come with a template. Use tape to put the template up where the microwave is going to be mounted. There should be a second template to tape on the cabinets above the microwave. This template above will most likely have you drill holes for the top support screws, a hole large enough for the power cord to fit through, and a cutout large enough for the exhaust adapter.

Prepare the Microwave for Mounting

Next align and mount the wall plate. This is going to hold most of the weight. Make sure the screws that hold the wall plate on are screwed into the studs. When the wall plate is installed and secure, get the microwave ready to be mounted. This part takes at least two people.

Mount the Over the Range Microwave

With the cord on top and out of the way, lift the microwave up, tilt it forward and hook the slots on the back bottom edge to the lower tabs of the mounted wall plate. While one person his holding the microwave in place, the other can push the power cord through the top hole then insert the self-aligning screws through the top center cabinet holes. Slowly tighten these screws and it will lift and balance your microwave. The microwave should now be mounted.

If you have upper exhaust dock vents, now is the time to connect the vent to the microwave exhaust adapter… by using duct tape to help hold it on. Put on the grease filters underneath the unit and plug it in.

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