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Video:Install a Kitchen Sink

with JJ Burkart

Learn how to properly connect water lines and drainage plumbing for a standard kitchen sink.See Transcript

Transcript:Install a Kitchen Sink

Hi, I'm JJ Burkart for I'm going to show you how to install a sink.

Begin by Cutting a Hole for the Sink

Most sinks come with a template to show the size of the hole you will need in your counter top. Trace along the edge of the template with a pencil. Take a jigsaw and cut along the line you drew.

Place Sink in the Hole

Place the sink in the hole. If it is a heavy ceramic or cast iron sink, be sure you have enough people to help. Once you know your sink will fit, connect the water lines to the faucets.

Connect Water Lines

Connect the hot and cold water lines. Make sure to connect them to the proper faucets. You may have to add extensions to the plastic pipes or hoses that come with your sink. In this case we are using plastic pipe with connecting gaskets and nuts. Place the nut on the plastic pipe followed by the gasket. Tighten the nuts with a wrench. Place the sink in the hole and align it properly. Screw the clamps tight so that the sink is anchored firmly to the counter top.

If you are using plastic pipe, line up the pipe with the corresponding water line. Make a mark with a pencil at the point where the pipes would meet. Using a plastic cutting tool, cut the pipe to the proper length, attach the continuous waste section of PVC pipe. Screw the connectors onto the drain threads. Extend the adjustable piece of pipe to the correct extension. Connect the curved piece of pipe known as the P trap. Line up the horizontal piece and mark the length with a pencil. Cut the pipe with a small hacksaw. Apply thread sealer to the threads and screw the pieces together.

Turn on Water Lines

Turn on the hot and cold water lines by opening the valves. Remove spout cover and turn on hot and cold faucets. Replace the spout cover and you are finished installing your sink!

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