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Video:How to Remove a Kitchen Sink

with JJ Burkart

Time to replace the old sink in your kitchen or bathroom? See how it's done in this step-by-step demo on removing sinks.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Remove a Kitchen Sink

Hi, I'm JJ Burkart for I'm going to show you how to remove an old sink from your kitchen or bathroom.

Shut Off the Sink Water Supply

You will need to shut off the water to the sink. You will then disconnect the water lines and the U-trap.

Remove the Sink U-Trap

Place a bucket beneath the U trap. Unscrew the two ends of the U trap and remove this piece of pipe. Unscrew the connector pieces.

Remove the Sink Water Lines

Shut off the two water line valves. Loosen the nuts with a wrench and disconnect the lines.

Remove the Sink Caulk

Take a razor knife and carefully cut the caulk around the edge of your sink. Be careful not to cut into the countertop or your fingers.

Lift Out the Kitchen Sink

For a ceramic or cast iron sink, you will need assistance removing the sink. Carefully lift out the old sink.

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