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Video:How to Mud and Tape Drywall

with Alex Nice

how to make your wall nice and smooth with some mud and taping.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Mud and Tape Drywall

Hi I'm Alex Nice with, and today I'm going to show you how to make your wall nice and smooth with some mud and taping. Most walls with ceilings nowadays are made out of Jipson board commonly known as dry wall.

What You'll Need

Today you'll learn some basic techniques for taping up and covering up those areas where drywall was just installed. For your mud and tape job you're going to need some drywall compound known as mud, roll of paper, spackle tape, utility knife, 4 or 6 inch spackle knife, 8 or 10 inch spackle knife, a spackle tray, a sanding sponge and of course Mr. rag.

Open and Mix Your Mud

Drywall fastens to the studs in your wall. This little space or joint in between is where we're going to stick our tape or lay our mud. I'll show you what I mean. First, let's crack open that mud, get some in our pan with our four or six inch knife. Mix it up a bit with your knife till it gets nice and smooth.

Put Mud on Your Utility Knife

Get a little bit on the edge of your knife like this. Then clip the wings. Not too much mud now because we're only using a little bit of spackle to lay a bed down for our tape to stick on top of. Now we take our roll of tape and our utility knife and we cut off a piece to fit. Be careful looks like a harmless little tool but don't cut your finger.

Carefully Tape the Drywall Joint

Start at the corner and dab your little piece of tape in with your fingers. Now for the hard part. You pin down the end of the tape and putting even pressure, glide it across. This is to avoid bubbles or little pockets of air in the tape. Your tape should be sealed over the joint flat. The little mud that squeezes out at the bottom, just pull that off with your spackle knife and scrape it on the edge of your spackle pan.

Spackle Over Tape

Put a little more mud in your knife and go over top of it again and do this to all your joints. You'll see the screws that fasten your drywall to the wall studs. Just cover them up with a quick one. Now that your tape is up, it has to dry. After that you want to sand off the edges and sand away any high points. Try to sand in small and smooth circles. Don't sand off too much or you'll expose the tape.

Sand and Add Additional Coats

After your sand, wipe the dust off of Mr. Rag. Now that we're done with that, we can take our eight-inch knife. Get a little bit on there and cover over it again. It may take several coats to truly cover the tape and the joint. But after you're done and it's sanded and smooth, and you prime and paint over it, you won't ever be able to see that there was a join there in the first place. Well good luck on your mud and tape job.
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