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Video:How to Install a Toilet

with JJ Burkart

Installing a new toilet may seem like a daunting task, but it will also update the look and feel of your bathroom. Watch this demonstration on how to install a toilet.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Install a Toilet

Hi! I'm JJ Burkart for I'm going to show you how to install a toilet.

Prepare the Toilet Flange

The flange is the mounting base for your new toilet. Place two new bolts in the holes on the sides of your flange. Position the bolts straight up and directly across from each other.

Arrange the New Toilet Into Place

Place the wax ring or toilet gasket around the edge of the drain hole. Place the toilet on top of the wax ring, placing the bolts in the holes on the side of the toilet. Slowly press down until the toilet is seated flush with the floor.

Install the New Toilet

Slide the washers over the bolts and tighten the nuts until snug. Do not over tighten or you can crack the ceramic.

Apply the rubber gasket to the bottom of the tank. Set the bolts in the holes on the tank and set the tank on the back of the toilet bowl. Add washers and nuts to the bolts and tighten. Bolt the new toilet lid to the bowl with the bolts, washers and nuts.

Connect the Toilet Water Line

Connect the water line from the floor to the tank. Turn on the water and make sure there are no leaks.

Adjust the New Toilet Hardware

Saw off the extra length of the bolts protruding from the floor using a small hacksaw. Clip the plastic bolt caps into place. You may want to caulk the base of the bowl to create waterproof seal.

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