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Video:How to Hang a Wall Sconce

with JJ Burkart

Let there be light! Brighten up a room by hanging a beautiful wall sconce. Check out these tips on how to mount and wire a wall sconce.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hang a Wall Sconce

Hi, I'm JJ Burkart for About.com. I'm going to show you how to hang a wall sconce.

Turn Off the Electricity

Anytime you are working with electricity, you absolutely need to shut off the power to that area. Find the circuit breaker that corresponds to your area and flip it to the "OFF" position.

Use a non-contact voltage tester to determine that the wires are indeed dead. With this device, if the wires are live, the light comes on. If the wires are dead, nothing happens.

If the wires are still live, return to the breaker box and find the correct switch.

Mount the Sconce's Bracket

The back of the fixture will have three wires: one black wire, one white wire, and one copper wire. These will be connected to the corresponding wires coming out of the wall.

Mount the bracket using the screws provided with your sconce.

Trim the Sconce's Wires

Using a wire cutter stripper, trim the wires sticking out of the wall to approximately six inches.

Using the wire cutter stripper, strip off approximately three-eights of an inch of rubber coating. These are 14 gauge wires, so we are using the 14 gauge slot on the stripper.

Connect the Ground Wire to the Mounting Plate

Move the wires coming out of the wall to match the location of wires on your sconce.

Wrap the copper ground wire from the wall clockwise around the ground screw on the mounting plate. With a pair of pliers, twist the ends of the two copper wires together.

Screw a wire nut tightly onto the ends of the wires.

Twist Wire Ends to Make a Solid Wire

If the wire ends are stranded, twist them by hand to make a solid wire. Then hold the two black ends together and screw on a wire nut until it is tight.

Repeat this process with the white wires.

Mount the Sconce on the Wall

Neatly bend and tuck the wires into the wall cavity. Place the sconce over the cavity and screw on the decorative nut that holds it to the wall. Tighten with a pair of pliers.

Screw in the Lightbulb

Screw in the lightbulb. Be sure that your bulb's wattage matches the recommended wattage for the sconce. Place the glass cover, and let there be light!

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