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Video:How to Grout Tile

with J.J. Burkart

Customize your kitchen or bathroom with your favorite tile. Learn how to grout tile to get professional-looking results.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Grout Tile

Hi, I'm J.J. Burkart for Home. I'm going to show you how to grout your floor or wall tile.

Tile Grouting Supplies

Let's start with supplies. You will need:
  • several large buckets
  • several sponges
  • several rags
  • clean, clear water
  • grout in powder form
  • a grout float
  • a triangular trowel
  • a dust mask

Mix the Tile Grout

Start by mixing a small batch of mortar, until you get the hang of the grouting process. The proportions are listed on the back of the bag. Mix a small amount so that it doesn't dry and set before you have time to apply it.

Pour the appropriate amount of water into a large pail. Now pour the pre-measured grout powder into the same pail. Make sure to wear your mask for safety.

Mix the grout with the triangular trowel. This may take some time, but it is important to mix the mortar to a creamy, smooth consistency.

Apply the Tile Grout

Begin by applying the grout to the cracks or spaces between the tiles with the float, or in this case, the trowel.

After the grout is spread sufficiently, hold the float firmly at a shallow angle and pull it across the tile. This motion forces the grout smoothly into the spaces.

Remove the Excess Grout From the Tiles

Once all of the spaces are filled with grout, use the float as a squeegee to remove the excess grout.

Now wipe the tiles with a damp--but not dripping--sponge. Be aware of the grout lines, as the grout is still soft and can be accidentally removed with the sponge.

Rinse your sponge in a bucket of clean water. The cleanup will be time-consuming, as you will need to constantly change the water in your rinse bucket.

Remove Lingering Grout

Once the bulk of the grout is removed from the surface of the tiles, wipe the lingering haze with a clean, damp rag. Follow it again with a clean, dry rag.

Mist the grout with water in a spray bottle several times a day over the next three days. This will maximize the strength of the grout.

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