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Video:Different Types of Granite for Kitchen Counters

with John Summers

There are three different types of granite for kitchen counter tops: granite tiles, modular granite and slab granite. Learn about the pros, cons, and prices for each of these granite styles for kitchen counters.See Transcript

Transcript:Different Types of Granite for Kitchen Counters

Hi! I’m John Summers for About.com and today we’re going to talk about different types of granite kitchen countertops. We’re here at Creative Design Custom Kitchen and Bath in Brewster, New York.

Granite is a great option for Kitchen counters. You will need to know a few things before deciding which type of granite is best for your kitchen. There are three different types of granite countertops for your kitchen, these are: Granite Tiles, Modular Granite and Slab Granite.

Granite Tiles Show Grout on Kitchen Counters

Let’s start with Granite Tiles. Granite Tiles would be the less expensive option for a granite countertop, but also gives you the most amount of seams. Tile granite comes in 12 by 12’s and usually gets installed above a plywood substrate and then you grout all the seams.

Modular and Slab Granite Have Fewer Seams

Modular granite is usually a thinner granite with a built up edge to give it the appearance of slab granite. Modular granite can be done in custom sizes, but it usually requires more seams than slab granite. Slab granite is one large slab of granite, usually approximately 5 foot by 10 foot that can be custom cut to fit your kitchen. Slab granite will have fewer seams in your kitchen, for the best appearance on your granite countertops you would want to keep seams to a minimum.

Kitchen Counters Can Use Different Grades of Granite

When it comes to granite countertops you have hundreds of colors to choose from. In granite there are different levels of granite, there are commercial grade stone which will have more pits and pores and imperfections and first quality stones. When shopping granite, it’s important to know what you’re buying before you get it. You’ll want to talk to an experienced design expert in order to make sure you pick the right type of granite for you.

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