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Video:Add Knockdown Texture to Drywall

with JJ Burkart

If you have to repair a section of drywall, you'll want it to match the texture of the surrounding area. We'll show you how to add what's known as knockdown texture to your drywall.See Transcript

Transcript:Add Knockdown Texture to Drywall

Hello, I'm JJ Burkart for If you have to repair a section of drywall or you will want to match the texture, known as knockdown to the rest of the wall using a spray on texture and a large trowel.

Build Pressure in the Texture Can

Run hot water over the base of the can to heat the contents and build pressure. The can should come with several nozzles or straws with different diameters to create different sized blotches. You will want to test the pattern on a piece of cardboard or scrap drywall to determine the appropriate nozzle. (optional: remove the nozzle before inserting the straw so you don’t accidentally discharge the can)

Shake the can to create pressure and mix the contents.

Spray the Wall

Hold the can upright a few inches from the wall and spray in a circular pattern.

Flatten Drops of Texture

Take a large trowel and drag it across the wall holding it at a steep angle. The drops of texture will flatten out into smooth blotches. Repeat this process until the area you are working in, matches the surrounding walls’ pattern.

Paint the Area

Allow the knockdown to dry and then paint over it with a primer and two coats of paint.

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