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Video:Tips for Cooking for a Super Bowl Party

with Jason Phipps

Are you hosting a Super Bowl party? In this video, learn some party tips and recipes to make your party a hit!See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Cooking for a Super Bowl Party

Hi, I'm Jason Phipps with, and today I'm going to show you tips for cooking for a Super Bowl party.

Include Soda and Water for Super Bowl Party

Have plenty of water and sodas ready well before you end the party. Don't let your friends drive home drunk. 

Use Raw Vegetables for Super Bowl Party

Buy raw veggies and do all your chopping and slicing in advance. Store chopped veggies in plastic bins until party time.

Super Bowl Party Finger Foods

Prepare an easy spinach dip by combining frozen spinach with mayo and cream cheese.

Choose foods that require little, if any, silverware. Be prepared with plenty of toothpicks and napkins for those finger foods. 

Crockpots are great for keeping foods warm. Borrow extras from your friends. Use for cheese dip, meatballs, or hotdogs

One of the hottest football party foods…chicken wings! To save time, choose a baked chicken wings recipe, make in advance, and just reheat for the party. 

A nacho bar is always a hit! Melt processed cheese with a can of tomatoes and peppers to make a cheese dip, and heat up a can of chili to serve over corn chips, or baked french fries for a potato bar!

Thanks for watching, this has been Jason Phipps for, for more recipes and information, please visit,

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