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Video:How to Tie a Roast

with Roblé Ali

Learning how to tie a roast is simple. See how it's done.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Tie a Roast

Hi, I’m chef Roblé for Today we’re gonna learn how to tie a roast.

What You'll Need

One beef eye round. One piece of kitchen twine. I’m using beef. You can use a pork roast, a lamb roast whatever you like. The principal remains the same.

Tie a Simple Knot

First thing we want to do is to make a simple knot right at the top front end of the roast. So, just want to make a nice simple knot. Nice and tight. Here we have our nice simple knot gonna cut off the excess string.

Create a Loop Around Your Hand

The next thing we want to do is take this string. Right here, get your hand in there. My thumb is the back of my thumb is to the string. I’m gonna make a loop around my hand. Now I have a loop and from this knot right here. To the “x” in my loop which is right here. I have about an inch and a half. Now I’m gonna take this loop and I’m gonna bring it over the top of the roast. And you can see right here I have my first link.

Tie Loops Down the Roast

Now I’m just gonna keep repeating this process right down to the end of the roast in equal intervals of space. Just pull it tight at the end see. One more time and I’ve tied the top end of my roast. See?

Tie Other Side of the Roast

The next thing we’re gonna do. We’re gonna spin it around. For the bottom side of the roast I’m just gonna just weave the string under the roast. I’m gonna come one more time under it again, and that’s my first link of 1,2,3,4 links. I’ll come under again. See how easy that is? See how easy that is?

Gonna go under, back over the top and under again the third loop and I have one more. Under, and under one more time. The fourth loop. See that? I’m gonna bring it around back to the top. This is the first loop that I made. You see this is the first loop that I made at the top. I’m gonna just tie the end of this string on to this loop. Make one more knot. And my roast is tied. Clip it off. A little more. And we have a nice, tight perfectly tied roast.

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