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Video:How to Reconstitute Sun-Dried Tomatoes

with Sheilah Kaufman

Reconstitute sun-dried tomatoes so that you can plump them up for pastas and salads. Here are tips on how to reconstitute sun-dried tomatoes.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Reconstitute Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Hi, I am Sheilah Kaufman, cooking teacher, cookbook author, food editor and culinary lecturer. Today, I'm going to teach you how to reconstitute dried sun-dried tomatoes.

Now, there are a number of ways you can do this. So you just think about which one is best for you, or you can try different ones at different times. But, of course you're starting with dried sun-dried tomatoes, either ones that you've got at the market or ones that you've made yourself.

Use Boiling Water to Reconstitute Sun-Dried Tomatoes

It's very important if you're using water that it be boiling. You just want to make sure that it's water to cover. You can just take your teapot, and again, you only need enough to really cover the tomatoes.

Remember, that they are going to absorb some of this water, that's how they're going to reconstitute. So you don't want to be too chintzy with your water. When you use the boiling water, they have to sit about 30 minutes. That should be enough time for them to reconstitute.

Red Wine Can Reconstitute Sun-Dried Tomatoes

For other options, you know that you can use red wine. If you're going to reconstitute the sun-dried tomatoes in red wine, you are going to put them again, however many you want in a bowl large enough to accommodate them, and you want to have enough liquid to completely cover and some left over for the tomatoes to absorb and you're going to leave these overnight. Don't boil the wine; just remember that they're going to have to stay overnight to reconstitute.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Can Also Reconstitute Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Another option, reconstitute them overnight in extra-virgin olive oil. Take an old jar that you run through the dishwasher, or if you have some canning jars, and put your sun-dried tomatoes in that and just keep them in the refrigerator, and use them as you want to.

That's some tips on how to reconstitute sun-dried tomatoes. Thanks for watching!
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